I’ve been a professional image maker for over a decade and although I
enjoy photographing many things, working alongside women has been
my interest from the onset.

I work independently and my portfolio includes a mix of commercial
assignments and private commissions as well as the production of my
ownart based projects. My passion for image making evolved from a
fascinationwith gender treatment in society, photography is the medium
through which I can best expresses my ideas and vision.

Working in a distinctive style, you will find my images are bold and
assured.I generally do all my own pre-production, including styling
and prop sourcing as well as all my own retouching and post-production.
I enjoy building close and long lasting relationships with clients and
find producing quality work to be incredibly satisfying.

Featured in: Design Indaba magazine, Playboy South Africa, One Small
Seed, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Style Report for ETV, The Sunday
Times, 567 Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702, the Cape Town Month of Photography, the Sanlam Vuleka Awards, Sasol New Signatures,
Cultivaria with Erdmann Contemporary and at the Association for
Visual Arts Cape Town.

You can find more of my work at The Softer Sex blog.
This is an inventory aimed to catalogue all the experiences, knowledge and paraphernalia, articles and conceptual ideas that I have collected over my time
working with this theme. www.thesoftersex.co.za

leah@leahhawker.co.za  /  +27833407872