The Origin Nudes, 2004, in the Cape Town Month of Photography 2005;
Female Stereotypes, 2005, in the Ruth Prowse Graduate Show;
The Graveyard Girls, 2007, exhibited at the Cultivaria Festival with Erdmann Contemporary.

The Graveyard Girls, 2007

Edition of 4
82 x 82cm, Giclee on Cotton rag
Cultivaria Festival with Erdmann Contemporary

“The curatorial concept and theme for this exhibition is the BODY and it is discussed along to axes, public/private and cruel/tender. Through the photographs on the exhibition the viewer will witness the collision of self-image versus private desire, historical forces versus contemporary syndrome all present with humour and pathos…the work illustrates how over time the human BODY has remained one of the most photographed pictorial objects in the world.”

Written by Heidi Erdmann of The Photographers Gallery

Female Stereotypes, 2005

Edition of 12
(Graduate body of work)
47 x 36 cm, Giclee print on cotton rag
Exhibited in the Ruth Prowse Graduate show 2005

Intrigued by the persistent use of women as the dominant symbol of beauty and sexuality within our culture, I studied how we use images of the feminine and how we treat gender equality. This theme of viewing and treating “women as objects” was a thread throughout my graduate body of work, of which a selection of images are shown here. I aimed to give some insight into how women are represented in a patriarchal society by both sexes through a body of work which dealt with stereotypes.

The Origin Nudes

Edition of 12
8 x 10 inch, silver gelatine on fibre paper
Exhibited in the Cape Town Month of Photography 2005

Working here with feminine paraphernalia, motifs of desire and gender binaries, the photographer weaves them into her photographic processes to produce aesthetically alluring depictions of undercurrent themes such as constrain and seduction. This series of black and white nudes was based on using simple carnal devices and incorporating the power of body language to answer brief requirement of a series of images relating to the nude canon of the exhibition of the Cape Town Month of Photography.