Nostalgia Now incorporates societies current interest with documenting and sharing personal moments in nostalgic formats by rendering new or existing images as aged. This trend expresses a human desire to keep time and make it nostalgic through stylised documentation. The exhibition is the 4th annual show in the body-related series curated by Leah Hawker.

From the exhibition statement

Edition of 8 (semi-nudes & edition of 4 (nudes)
18 x 28cm & 40 x 53 cm respectively
Giclee print on cotton rag
Exhibited in Nostalgia Now, Exposure Gallery
Pictorial published in Playboy South Africa 2012

The show invited emerging and professional photographic talent to participate by submitting images related to the body that reflected nostalgia in the now via a rendered nostalgia format be it Lomographic, Hipstamatic, Polaroid, cyanotypes, tintypes, faded out, bleached, stained, effected or grainy…

The show aims to bring together a cross-section of local talent, inspire creatives and visitors and showcase a diverse collection of images which make the viewer reminisce about the now.